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Create an Innovation

Development Is the way toward interpreting an Idea or innovation Into a decent or administration that makes esteem or for which clients will pay (www. Observationally. Com, 2014). † In this paper, the ID of a development, and plan for executing the advancement, in the current work environment that I am working for, will be depicted in full detail. The creative item that will be Introduced to the working environment Is known as the â€Å"Freedom walker. What number of Individuals become weary of scheduling during record-breaking at a desk?Another grievance that is heard, frequently inside the associations is, â€Å"l am overweight and I don't have the opportunity to make it to the rec center. † Well, presently here is the ideal arrangement. Opportunity Walker will offer Individuals the chance to either, stay situated at the work area while working or they can decided to get up and start to practice at the pace they feel generally great. The great item will be made to las t and it will give representatives the opportunity of practicing while at the same time working (Treadles, 2014). Opportunity Walker Is going to exclusively be Intended to run in moderate speeds.One of the extraordinary things about this item is not normal for customary treadmills. He Freedom Walker won't overheat (Treadles. 2014). For which, giving people a boundless measure of time to be on the treadmill while working. The control board can be put on every representative's work area. Also, will have a 10-inch string associated with the board and the Freedom Walker. On the control board, workers will have the option to perceive to what extent they have been strolling. The representative will likewise have the option to monitor the measure of calories that are being misfortune with the opportunity walker.The Freedom Walker will likewise have a connected Emergency string that all people who utilize this item should wear while in real life. The Emergency line Is if there should arise an occurrence of any crisis, the worker will have the option to stop the machine The Freedom Walker likewise accompanies a solid elastic tangle that ought to be set on the track, to decrease the sound and evade interruption (Treadles, 2014). The speed of this item won't go over 4. 0 MPH (Treadles, 2014). The explanation that the machine won't go over the speed of 4. Is to evade interruptions on the telephone with clients, for example, loss of breath or Incorrect language structure spelling on the PC on account of not having the option to think. For security of every representative, the hurting is constrained to 4. 0 MPH. The Freedom Walker won't have a lot of get together required. The control board is associated with the treadmill, Just basically interface the ‘OFF The plan will start with the CEO and upper administration, and afterward will obviously go down the rundown for every person inside the organization.It is a demonstrated truth that the weight rate inside the United States has dramatically increased in grown-ups and youngsters since backtalk's (Food Research and Action Center, 2014). The main general medical issue inside the United States is stoutness (Food Research and Action Center, 2014). With no separation, most of the workers inside the association that this inventive thought will be executed in, are overweight. The following is the outline from the Food Research and Action Report that shows the rates of every ethnicity and at what rate they are overweight.How would it be able to be conceivable that a Health insurance agency is selling protection, however have the workers undesirable and overweight? There will be a week after week objective that every individual will work out for oneself when utilizing the Freedom Walker. The association should see some sort of progress in all workers. On the off chance that, there is no improvement seen slim a little while, at that point disciplinary activity will be upheld. Once there is improvement see n, that is the point at which the association will start to offer motivating forces. The motivating force that is destined to be allowed is that the organization will pay for half, of every people medical coverage premium.This could ensure achievement, particularly now and days that health care coverage premiums are so costly. The effect that this imaginative procedure will have inside the association will be radical. This won't just assistance the workers yet will help the clients also. The development procedure, will permit workers to take remain about delayed sitting. Scientist propose that drawn out sitting is awful for one's wellbeing (Neoprene, 2013). There have been researchers that contrast delayed sitting with smoking (Neoprene, 2013).The Freedom Walker should assist each individual start with feeling fit and start to have a progressively uplifting mentality (Neoprene, 2013). This adjustment in demeanor and in oneself, advancement process will be a steady development. As ex pressed over the procedure will start with the CEO and upper administration. When the change is found in hose regions, at that point the procedure will start to stream down the command hierarchy as it has been heard. Thus, as the article states by the gradual development website page, â€Å"Slow and Steady Wins the Race (Innovation Management Community for Practitioners, 2014). Gradual change isn't tied in with rolling out an improvement happen in a split second (Innovation Management Community for Practitioners, 2014). â€Å"The reason gradual development is so mainstream, is on the grounds that it has decreased hazard in contrast with radical advancement (Innovation Management Community for Practitioners, 2014). † Furthermore, when an equines has a fabricated decent ready for action it will in general have developed considerable measure of human capital and skills so the business should devote time to making it better or diminishing costs (Innovation Management Community f or Practitioners, 2014).Four Stages of the Research Cycle There will be seven stages to the advancement procedure and they are 1 . Thinking, 2. Portfolio Management and Metrics, 3. Exploration 4. Knowledge, 5. Advancement Development, 6. Promoting Development, 7. Selling (Morris, 2013). The way that the advancement will be estimated will be â€Å"R&D Impact = Gross Margin/R&D Spend †This is a â€Å"old† Bill Hewlett and David Packard metric they used to ensure reasonable return for the R&D exertion being contributed (McKinney, 2010). † â€Å"Why net edge, one would inquire? McKinney, 2010)† â€Å"The supposition that will be that in the event that you gather a superior mouse trap, the client will remunerate you with an edge premium which will appear in net edge (McKinney, 2010). † â€Å"Target: Assess your rivals and you need to be in top quartile (McKinney, 2010). † Innovation requires some serious energy and devotion. All togethe r for an organization to be fruitful in the execution of an advancement there should be, a great deal of examination and date corded. An imaginative thought can't Just be something that somebody raises and it happens.There must be correlations with different items and reports indicating the business/association why that creative thought would be superior to some other thought. The Freedom Walker would be an extraordinary imaginative thought since it would help spare the lives of numerous individuals who might be battle with medical problems because of weight issues. I accept that not exclusively should the organization that I am at present working for, utilize the inventive thought, however that all organizations that have client care agents. Client Services Representatives are commanded to sit at their work area for 8-10 hours per day without being permitted to move from the chair.Production and quality is something that is meant something negative for the people who do move from h is/her seat, which at that point causes disciplinary activity. This is a demonstration that is insensitive and I accept that something ought to be done about it. Thus, everybody that has a business with CARS and Data Reps. Let attempt Freedom Walker and lets perceive how extraordinary of an effect it will have on the organization as well as on the representatives too. References youth and grown-up weight in the United States. Diary of the American Medical Association, 8(31 1), 806-814. Food Research and Action Center. 2014). Overweight and Obesity in the U. S.. Recovered from a far distance. Organization/activities/appetite and-corpulence/weight in-the-us/Innovation Management Community for Practitioners. (2014). Gradual Innovation. Recovered from http://www. Unconventionality's. Com/steady advancement/gradual development versus.- radical-advancement McKinney, P. (2010). Would you be able to quantify the effect for development. Recovered from philharmonic. Com. Documents/2010/02/can -you-measure-the-sway from-development. HTML Morris, L. (2013). The most effective method to Innovate: The Innovation Process.Retrieved from http://www. Naturalists. SE. /2013/08/08/how-t()- advance the-development process Neoprene, L. (2013). Stay standing for Better Health? Perhaps Not. Better-wellbeing perhaps not/Reynolds, G. (2011). Reevaluating the Exercise â€Å"Talk Test†. Recovered from well. Masses. Whenever. Com/2011109/21 [rethinking-the-activity talk-test/? _pH=true=blogs=o Treadles. (2014). Recovered from http://www. Treadles. Com/items/www. Generalizations. Com. (2014). Advancement. Recovered from http://www. Typifications. Com/definition/advancement. HTML

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Submission to Local Network

In their tasks, organizations ought to order and bolster the guiding principle proposed by the UN Global Compact. In accordance with this, we are writing to propose the different methodologies which firms should join in their activity comparable to anticorruption and ecological duty. As per Global Compact, firms ought to agree to the Eighth Principle which specifies that business associations should execute different activities which are equipped towards advancing natural responsibility.Advertising We will compose a custom paper test on Submission to Local Network explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More According to the Rio Declaration, organizations are accused of the duty of guaranteeing that their tasks don't influence the earth where they work contrarily. This emerges from the way that the authenticity of an organizations activity is subject to its ability to meet the society’s needs (The Global Compact 2008, 3). In our activity, Hewlett Packard has fused th e idea of natural obligation inside its item showcasing. This has empowered the firm to follow the Global Compact prerequisites. Along these lines, we consent to this suggestion because of acknowledgment of the way that natural duty is a key component in the drawn out endurance of a business substance (Fernando 2009, 44). Notwithstanding natural obligation, business undertakings ought to likewise guarantee that there is a high level of straightforwardness in their activity (Mason 2005, 45). This is in accordance with Global Compact standard 10 which specifies that the private segment has a noteworthy task to carry out in guaranteeing that defilement is killed. Rule 10 specifies that business ventures ought to be worried at guaranteeing that all types of debasement, for example, coercion and pay off are wiped out. So as to guarantee expanded consistence to the above standards, we suggest the accompanying dependent on our encounters. Firms should embrace a thorough research in creatin g items In our activity, HP has significantly affected nature by means of its items. The center target is to improve the vocation of its clients and the general public as a rule. This is accomplished through joining of ecological thought inside the firm’s business methodology. The resultant impact is that the firm’s items are of high worth. Individual from the Local Network should fuse the Design-for-Environment (DfE) methodology in their activity. This will guarantee that all the natural qualities are streamlined in the creation procedure. For the DfE to be successful, firm’s supervisory groups ought to guarantee that there is a ceaseless assessment of the program to guarantee consistence. Assessment can be accomplished by planning maintainability standards which ought to be assessed against worldwide standards.Advertising Looking for exposition on business financial matters? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn Mo re Firms ought to figure ecological obligation targets and furthermore incorporate Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) devices. The EIA devices will guarantee that chiefs put into thought the resultant ecological effect according to a specific business venture. As per the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), business ventures ought to figure approaches which are planned for guaranteeing that an exhaustive effect evaluation is accomplished (Petts1999, 23). This will profit the general public in that organizations will have the option to distinguish and survey the important changes which ought to be embraced structuring the item in order to lessen the product’s natural effect. Considering the way that ecological appraisal is planned for guaranteeing that the firm attempts its corporate social duty adequately, business ventures will be required to embrace significant interest in understanding the necessities of the general public (Tolhurst, Pohl, Matten Viss er 2008, 244). The general public might be hesitant in offering their input with respect to the activity of the firm. This implies the EIA apparatuses may not be compelling. Incorporating an implicit rules with accomplices In our activity, Hewlett Packard works as a team with different partners with an end goal to achieve its objectives. One of the issues which the firm’s supervisory group puts more accentuation on involves guaranteeing that honesty isn't undermined in the entirety of its professional interactions. This is accomplished by means of joining of a set of accepted rules with its colleagues. To dispose of the different types of defilement, for example, pay off and admonishment, business ventures ought to guarantee that their business partners and different partners, for example, providers hold fast to business morals (HP Ethics and Compliance Office 2006, 1). Furthermore, organizations ought to guarantee that their partners know about the different laws and results related with the firm. This will alleviate odds of money related misfortune happening because of contribution with debasement (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development 1999, 29). To forestall any type of defilement, we require our colleagues to define and actualize viable controls. These are planned for forestalling and recognizing different acts including debasement. In accordance with this, we recommend that Local Network individuals ought to detail and actualize powerful controls. Through execution of these controls, both the colleagues, for example, providers and clients will profit. For instance, the organizations will have the option to work successfully and effectively driving into expanded client satisfaction.Advertising We will compose a custom article test on Submission to Local Network explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, there are difficulties which the organizations will confront. One of these difficulties relate with the way tha t colleagues will think that its troublesome conforming to the set down controls because of presence of lawful and social contrasts (Vig Axelrod 1999, 35). The above focuses mirror a portion of the rules which individuals from Global Compact ought to incorporate. Thought of these issues will contribute towards expanded consistence with the Global Compact prerequisites. We trust that this accommodation will be painstakingly thought of and anticipate a draft paper that subtleties the way to deal with be taken by the Local Network. Reference List Fernado, Andrian. 2009. Business morals: an Indian perspective.Sydney: Pearson Education HP Ethics and Compliance Office. 2006. â€Å"HP accomplices code of conduct.† Houston: Hewlett Packard. Artisan, Michael. 2005. The new responsibility: ecological obligation acrossâ borders. New Jersey: Earthscan. Association for Economic Cooperation and Development.1999. No longer businessâ as regular: battling pay off and defilement. New York: O ECD Publishing. Petts, Judith.1999. Handbook of ecological effect evaluation: environmentalâ impact appraisal practically speaking: effect and confinements. New York: Wiley Blackwell.Advertising Searching for exposition on business financial aspects? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More The Global Compact. 2008. Corporate citizenship on the planet economy. New York: United Nations Global Compact Office. Tolhurst, Nick, Pohl, Manfred, Matten, Dirk Visser, Wayne. 2008. The beginning to end ofâ corporate social duty. Chicago: Wiley Publishers. Vig, Norman Axelrod, Regina. 1999. The worldwide condition: foundations, law andâ policy. New Jersey: Earthscan. This paper on Submission to Local Network was composed and presented by client Melany J. to help you with your own examinations. You are allowed to utilize it for research and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; be that as it may, you should refer to it as needs be. You can give your paper here.

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SIPA on iTunes COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog There are many ways to gather information about SIPA. Our web site, this blog, and a visit to SIPA are just a few of the ways. iTunes is another avenue you can use to obtain information about opportunities available to our students. When you open iTunes, simply type SIPA into the iTunes search box and you will find a long list of SIPA lectures, forums, and panels available for download. They are all free and we publish events as they happen so repeat the search on a consistent basis for updates. SIPA on iTunes COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog There are many ways to gather information about SIPA. Our Web site, this blog, and a visit to SIPA are just a few of the ways. iTunes is another avenue you can use to obtain information about opportunities available to our students. When you open iTunes and visit the iTunes store simply type “SIPA” into the search box and you will find a long list of SIPA lectures, forums, and panels available for download. They are all free and we publish events as they happen so repeat the search on a consistent basis for updates.

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Hip Hop Music Mirrors All Urban Society - 3453 Words

Hip Hop Music Mirrors All Urban Society From 1950 to the late 1980’s, social conflicts all over the world encouraged the success of Hip Hop due its ability to mirror the negative and positive aspects of society, and in doing this, the concept of Hip Hop’s real lyrics were very easily translated and adopted overseas. To understand Hip Hop’s ability to migrate around the world, it must be understood what Hip Hop was created out of. First, American Urban society, from the Civil Rights Era until now has matured, creating Hip Hop’s lyrics in both its negative recap of the destruction of South Bronx and the new AIDS epidemic and positive reenactment of the solution brought by the Civil Rights Era and the urban society’s ability to attain†¦show more content†¦I’m trying not to loose my head. It’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under†, where he descriptively narrated about his life in the Bronx. Even though African Americans are incr easing their financial incomes and attending universities at a higher percentage (African American History Month: February 2006), they also, unfortunately, have the highest reported percentage of HIV/AIDS cases (Fact Sheet: HIV/AIDS among African Americans) and collectively are more poor than any other race in US (2006 Census Poverty and Income Data). Reacting to this major change in urban society where Hip Hop was created, the lyrical content changed to reflect that. As forty nine percent of the African American Community suffer from HIV/AIDS (Fact Sheet: HIV/AIDS among African Americans) in addition to having the highest poverty percentage among any race, the artist Common mentions the effect of AIDS and the poverty issue plaguing African American society in his song â€Å"Misunderstood† released this past summer. Evidently the lyrical content of Hip Hop directly mirrors urban American society. On an international scale, the social and economic despair was caused by most o f Europe’s inability to repair itself fast enough after the Cold War and their own civil disputes. Cold War, which happened during the 1945 through 1960, affected the entire world individually. As late at 1990, Europe still saw the immediate aftermath of the Cold War. Pete Gumbel, NewsweekShow MoreRelatedHip Hop And Rap Music1699 Words   |  7 PagesHip-hop is a cultured style that started in the 1970’s. Majority of different funk groups began playing disco music at that time it was popular. During this time funk music was technology driven more electronic sounds were being used on the drum machines. Funk was the new dance in the early 70’s. This particular style of singing in which was being used is called rapping, this begun in African American, Urban Areas, Jamaican American, Latino American and many others cities of the United States. TheRead MoreThe Birth Of Hip Hop Essay1695 Words   |  7 Pagesthe birth of hip-hop was actually in 1520 on Sedgwick Ave nue. DJ Kool Herc was acknowledging as the founding father of hip-hop at the time because of his unique ear of hearing and creating different music. It’s very rare that people will mention this because at the time hip-hop wasn’t a force in the music industry until the late 1990’s. It’s been approximately 30 years since the pertinent genre was actually recognized for its production in the music business. Over the time, hip-hop became legendaryRead MoreTelevision s Impact On America s Society Essay838 Words   |  4 Pagesdynasty set within the glamorous and sometimes dangerous world of hip-hop music† 1( Like ‘Glee’, Fox’s drama show Empire addresses a number of social issues as well that ‘currently plague America’s society’, specifically the African American community, such as ‘homosexuality’, ‘mental illness’, and ‘police brutality’. ‘Empire’s main characters are the ‘Lyons, a successful African American family in the hip-hop music industry, who fight over who will run the family’s business: EmpireRead MoreGloablization4764 Words   |  20 PagesGlobalization (2004) Emulated through Images: The Globalization of Misconstructed African American Beauty and Hip-Hop Culture Kerri A. Reddick-Morgan Georgia State University Abstract From news coverage to entertainment, the media shapes, reflects, reinforces and defines the world in which we live. In publishing, theatre, films, television and popular music-industries largely controlled by white men--Blacks continually struggle for both a voice and representation. ManyRead MoreIn The Late 1970’S, A New Music Genre Emerged In Bronx,1908 Words   |  8 Pagesthe late 1970’s, a new music genre emerged in Bronx, New York. Hip Hop started as an underground, unknown genre to a popular, multi-million-dollar genre and lifestyle. The transformation of Hip Hop has shaped or American Culture and is now geared to more than just the African American and Latino groups it was once developed for. There are also misconceptions about what Hip Hop means. Most people believe Hip Hop is synonymous with rap. However, Hip Hop is more than just a music style it is also a cultureRead MoreDefining The Future For African Americans1631 Words   |  7 Pagesmodeling industry, cosmetic corporations, and the media as a whole. As stated in Reddick’s Emulated through Images: The Globalization of Misconstructed African American Beauty and Hip-Hop Culture, â€Å"In the U.S. specifically, many black women were faced with a beauty ideal that did not resemble the reflection in the mirror. Many entrepreneurs began and sustained successful businesses based on selling the white ideal to Black women. Skin lightning became a common practice in the Black community. ThereRead More Discontent Expressed through Blues, Jazz, Reggae, and Hip-hop5489 Words   |  22 PagesDiscontent Expressed through Blues, Jazz, Reggae, and Hip-hop In cultures all over the world, music can be seen encompassing many aspects of life for many individuals. It is a form of mass communication thatspeaks directly to society as a cultural form, and often reflects a collection and pattern of personal experiences (King 19). Music is so influential because it communicates on three different levels: the physical, emotional, and cognitive. Not only does it operate in a nondiscursive way, byRead MoreThe Basques Of Santazi : Disappearing World2427 Words   |  10 Pagesways depending on your family background, especially where you are from. Basques living in traditional, rural communities live very different lives than Basques living in urban Basque areas, or Basques living in North America. While there are many differences between the identities of the people in these different communities, they all have their Basque-ness in common. In rural Basque areas, families live â€Å"traditional† lifestyles in small villages. Most Basques in these villages own farms, which haveRead MoreEssay on The Mirroring Lives of a Jamaican and a Rastafarian4081 Words   |  17 PagesNew York City Occupation: Jamaican tourist board sales representative Marital Status: Married to American for two years Education: private elementary-high schools in Jamaica followed by United States four year college education **note: all answers to questions are not exact words Question 1: What is the difference between a Rastafarian and a Jamaican? Peter’s response: I do not come down here to Negril very often any more. When I was younger my friends and I would comeRead MoreMusical Functions2556 Words   |  11 PagesUnit 19: Music Society Assignment 1: Musical Functions Music in everyday life Music and society have always been intimately related. Music reflects and creates social conditions – including the factors that either make it easy or can obstruct social change. All kinds of music are available to most people, 24 hours a day, at the touch of a switch. Never before in the history of humanity have so many different kinds of music been so easily available to so many people. The development of the

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Unemployment is Harmful to the Health and Well-being of...

Summary The unemployment rate remains substantially high. There are several contributing factors to consider why the unemployment rate remains so high. The unemployment rate has a lasting effect on people who have families to support. This document will review the different ways unemployment could be harmful to the health and well-being on families and of people. A weak economy is why todays unemployment crisis continues to grow and this affects people and their families. The Main Cause One of the major causes of unemployment today is the lack of capacity in the economy to create new jobs. Businesses lay off short and long-term employees, so the top dogs can continue to live their extravagant lifestyles. Financial†¦show more content†¦Roger Martindale Patching. Too many students, not enough jobs?: a comparative study of Australian journalism programs (1997) American companies are more concerned with profit to concern themselves with the unemployment rate. As long as a company is netting a good profit it has little concern for how many jobs its creates. The high unemployment rate also takes its toll on the economy. The vast amount of unemployed population do not have a lot of money to spend. The poverty level increases due to the unemployment level rising. Stores compensate with lower prices to draw customers in this weak economy. Therefore the lost profits cause those businesses lay off workers. Some businesses as a result of the poor economy have gone out of business and that contributed to the number of unemployed. According to the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues’ Policy Statement â€Å"The Psychological Consequences of Unemployment,† the stress of unemployment can lead to declines in individual and family well-being (Belle Bullock, 2011). Many people experience feelings on self-doubt when they lose their job. â€Å"The average number of persons with psychological problems among the unemployed was 34%, compared to 16% among employed individuals.†(Paul, K. I., Moser, K., 2009) For some unemployed long-term have been known to experience extreme depression. Imagine working at a job for 7Show MoreRelatedIndigenous Australian Mental Health929 Words   |  4 PagesMR Hon Peter Dutton MP Minister for Health Australian Government Department of Health Sirius Building, Furzer Street, Woden Town Centre Canberra ACT 2601, Australia Dear Mr Dutton: Thank you for taking time to read my letter. As a nursing student of University of Technology Sydney, I studied contemporary indigenous subject this semester. In this letter I want to illustrate 3 main social determinants of health that impact indigenous Australian health which I found and analysed during myRead MoreSocial Issues Related to Smoking and Alcohol Consumption Essay1265 Words   |  6 PagesAlcohol consumption is linked to many harmful consequences for the individual drinker, the drinker’s immediate environment and society as a whole. There are many social consequences such as traffic accidents, workplace-related problems, family and domestic problems, and interpersonal violence. Work People with alcohol dependence and drinking problems are on sick leave more frequently than other employees. In Great Britain, up to 25% of workplace accidents and around 60% of fatal accidents atRead Morepoverty should be fixed1167 Words   |  5 Pagesmoney on freeway off ramps or look for food in garbage cans. People should not neglect them being on the streets because it is unsafe and unclean. The rate of poverty consistently increases every year. Shah states â€Å"According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. And they ‘die quietly in some of the poorest villages on earth, far removed from the scrutiny and the conscience of the world. Being meek and weak in life makes these dying multitudes even more invisible in death.’†(qtd. InRead MoreThe Effects Of Urbanization On The Belizean Society Essay1515 Words   |  7 Pageshas its share of disadvantages as well. The negative impacts of urbanization shall be discussed by means of the economic, environmental and social aspect. The main negative economic impact of urbanization in Belize is unemployment which ties into social conflict theory. According to Guardian Newspaper the Statistical Institute of Belize released its preliminary results for the April 2014 labor force survey on Wednesday, June 25, and it shows that the unemployment rate has decreased from 14.2 percentRead MoreEnvironmental Analysis Essay1108 Words   |  5 Pagesprospective adoptive home for abused and neglected children and their siblings. Although the agency is part of a non-good producing market, it does have a few products available to the public; the concentration however, is on providing services for their families, placing them in the nonprofit social service industry. Macroeconomics is defined by McConnell (2004) as the examination of the economyRead MoreThe Movie The Wolf On Wall Street Essay1369 Words   |  6 PagesInstitute of Drug Abuse, â€Å"Drug abuse is a major public health problem that impacts society on multiple levels. Directly or indirectly, every community is affected by drug abuse and addiction, as is every family. Drugs take a tremendous toll on our society at many levels† ( Magnitude, 2016). Obviously, drugs abuse has the most effect on the individual. Drugs of any sort have pronounced impacts on a user’s personal life, mental and physical health as well as their economic status. With repeated use of aRead MoreSocial determinants of health1076 Words   |  5 Pages Health starts in our homes, workplaces, schools and communities. Most of us may think that the state of health is determined by our own behaviors and we are taking the initiatives in taking care of ourselves. By having a balanced diet, getting enough rest, exercising, not taking alcohols and smoking, receiving recommendation of preventive vaccine injection and screening tests, and seeing a doctor when we are sick, these behaviors all have great impact on our health. However, social determinantsRead MoreNeoliberalism And The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights969 Words   |  4 PagesRitzer is the, â€Å"Liberal commitment to individual liberty, a belief in the free market, and opposition to state i ntervention† (37). Neoliberalism emerged in the 1930s and it is based on the ideas of classical economics (Ritzer, 37). Neoliberalism is harmful to human rights and does not improve the lives of others. On the universal declaration of human rights we can see thirty rights that humans are all entitled to (â€Å"The Universal Declaration of Human Rights†). Human rights under articles twenty-two,Read MoreDivorce Argument Essay888 Words   |  4 Pagesand their offspring, but also the communities that surround the family unit, and consequently presenting a terrifying threat for the affected child. Nonetheless, regardless of the conventionality of divorce, it persists to affect various aspects of childrens daily lives and rituals. Children and adolescents are consequently deprived of a customary and stable family upbringing and thus suffer the disadvantages of a single-parent family structure. Divorce can be signified as a common legal procedureRead MoreHomelessness : Homel ess Population, Origins And Consequences Of Homelessness1373 Words   |  6 Pagesalienation originates from losing connection with one’s work, family, or home environments. On any given night, approximately 600,000 of the US population were living on the street, according to a survey from 2013 (Polcin). However, these rates could be even higher due to underreporting and some individuals hiding in their environments. Homelessness is usually a chronic and disabling condition that encompasses three states, such as being homeless, having unreliable housing, and moving into a stable

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Ib Biology Hl Free Essays

Is the neural pathway significantly longer for a visual stimulus or a sound stimulus (or a pressure stimulus) Data collection and processing Table 1a: Data collected by John Rha and Arthur Hamilton by dropping ruler for calculation of length of the neural pathways (Visual, Auditory and Sensual) Trial#| Visual| Auditory(Sound)| Sensual(Pressure)| | (cm ±0. 1cm)| (cm ±0. 1cm)| (cm ±0. We will write a custom essay sample on Ib Biology Hl or any similar topic only for you Order Now 1cm)| | John| Arthur| John| Arthur| John| Arthur| 1| 43. 9| 24. 1| 33. 1| 34. 6| 50. 1| 50. 5| 2| 73. 7| 45. 6| 66. 1| 49. 2| 29. 2| 75. 2| 3| 47. 4| 31| 80. 2| 25. 3| 54. 4| 41| 4| 32| 24. 7| 23. 1| 39. 6| 25. 6| 47. 4| 5| 23. 5| 29. | 32. 9| 35. 1| 26. 2| 30. 8| 6| 38. 6| 27. 6| 47. 6| 34. 7| 40. 6| 49. 5| 7| 37. 9| 20. 9| 56| 21. 7| 41. 5| 40. 2| 8| 28. 2| 22. 7| 24| 57| 29. 1| 62| 9| 39. 9| 62| 43. 6| 87. 2| 30. 6| 35. 4| 10| 23. 6| 30. 5| 49. 3| 44. 4| 44. 2| 78. 2| 11| 58. 4| 26. 2| 66. 8| 24. 2| 41. 9| 84. 3| 12| 40| 32. 7| 21. 1| 36. 1| 14. 2| 21| 13| 55. 5| 20. 2| 61. 7| 15. 1| 61| 41. 3| 14| 39. 6| 32. 2| 46. 9| 28. 58| 65| 24. 8| 15| 46. 1| 18. 1| 61. 7| 55| 45. 9| 22. 3| Table 1b: Calculations of the reaction times the meter stick fell Trial#| Visual| Auditory(Sound)| Sensual(Pressure)| | John| Arthur| John| Arthur| John| Arthur| | 0. 299319| 0. 221774| 0. 259906| 0. 26573| 0. 319758| 0. 321032| 2| 0. 387825| 0. 305059| 0. 367285| 0. 316872| 0. 244114| 0. 391752| 3| 0. 3 11022| 0. 251526| 0. 404566| 0. 227228| 0. 333197| 0. 289264| 4| 0. 255551| 0. 224518| 0. 217124| 0. 284282| 0. 228571| 0. 311022| 5| 0. 218996| 0. 243696| 0. 259119| 0. 267643| 0. 231234| 0. 250713| 6| 0. 28067| 0. 237332| 0. 311677| 0. 266113| 0. 287849| 0. 317837| 7| 0. 278113| 0. 206526| 0. 338062| 0. 210442| 0. 291022| 0. 286428| 8| 0. 239898| 0. 215236| 0. 221313| 0. 341067| 0. 243696| 0. 355711| 9| 0. 285357| 0. 355711| 0. 298294| 0. 421852| 0. 249898| 0. 68784| 10| 0. 219461| 0. 249489| 0. 317194| 0. 301019| 0. 30034| 0. 399489| 11| 0. 34523| 0. 231234| 0. 369224| 0. 222234| 0. 292421| 0. 414778| 12| 0. 285714| 0. 258331| 0. 207512| 0. 271429| 0. 170234| 0. 20702| 13| 0. 336549| 0. 203038| 0. 35485| 0. 175546| 0. 352831| 0. 29032| 14| 0. 284282| 0. 256348| 0. 309377| 0. 241509| 0. 364216| 0. 224972| 15| 0. 306727| 0. 192195| 0. 35485| 0. 33503| 0. 306061| 0. 213331| Table 1c: Calculations of the length (distance) of neural pathway Trial#| Visual| Auditory(Sound)| Sensual(Pre ssure)| | John| Arthur| John| Arthur| John| Arthur| 1| 2993. 19| 2217. 739| 2599. 58| 2657. 296| 3197. 576| 3210. 315| 2| 3878. 249| 3050. 594| 3672. 846| 3168. 725| 2441. 144| 3917. 517| 3| 3110. 22| 2515. 26| 4045. 658| 2272. 282| 3331. 973| 2892. 637| 4| 2555. 506| 2245. 176| 2171. 241| 2842. 821| 2285. 714| 3110. 22| 5| 2189. 959| 2436. 96| 2591. 194| 2676. 428| 2312. 345| 2507. 133| 6| 2806. 698| 2373. 321| 3116. 775| 2661. 134| 2878. 492| 3178. 371| 7| 2781. 132| 2065. 262| 3380. 617| 2104. 417| 2910. 221| 2864. 277| 8| 2398. 979| 2152. 36| 2213. 133| 3410. 668| 2436. 96| 3557. 114| 9| 2853. 569| 3557. 114| 2982. 945| 4218. 521| 2498. 979| 2687. 841| 10| 2194. 613| 2494. 93| 3171. 943| 3010. 187| 3003. 399| 3994. 895| 11| 3452. 299| 2312. 345| 3692. 242| 2222. 336| 2924. 213| 4147. 78| 12| 2857. 143| 2583. 306| 2075. 12| 2714. 286| 1702. 339| 2070. 197| 13| 3365. 491| 2030. 381| 3548. 498| 1755. 458| 3528. 311| 2903. 2| 14| 2842. 821| 2563. 48| 3093. 773| 2415. 089| 3642. 157| 2249. 717| 15| 3067. 273| 1921. 946| 3548. 498| 3350. 297| 3060. 612| 2133. 312| Table 2a: Average distance of neural pathway Trial#| Visual| Auditory(Sound)| Sensual(Pressure)| | John| Arthur| John| Arthur| John| Arthur| | 2889. 8| 2434. 7| 3060. 2| 2765. 3| 2810. 3| 3028. 3| Conclusion and evaluation The objective of this experiment was to determine the distances of neural pathways and to discover if there are any significant differences between Visual, Auditory and Sensual neural pathway distances. The distance of each neural pathway includes and displays the following procedures. Ex) Visual stimulus: First, your eye sees the ruler. Then, your eye sends a message to the visual, stimulus cortex, which sends a message to the motor cortex. The motor cortex sends a message to the spinal cord. The spinal cord sends a message to the muscles in your hand and fingers. Finally, your muscles contract to allow you to catch the ruler. John’s data shows that there were no significant differences. However, Arthur’s data shows that the neural pathway for pressure stimulus is significantly longer than the pathway for visual stimulus. This is shown by the calculated pathway length and the t-test performed. Calculation: The algorithm to calculate the reaction speed is  d = vt + ? at? where d = distance in meters v = initial velocity = 0 a = acceleration due to gravity = 9. 81m/s? t = time in seconds We need to manipulate  d = vt + ? at? to give us an algorithm for  t As  v  = 0 then  vt  = 0 therefore the algorithm is  t = sqrt(2d/a) Example d = 43. 9cm = sqrt((2 ? 43. 9 ? 9. 8)) t = 0. 299 seconds (sigfig) 0. 299319*10000(m to cm)=2993. 2cm or 29. 932m The calculated distance for Arthur’s Visual stimulus was 2434. 7cm, which was much shorter than the pressure stimulus length of 3028. 3cm or the auditory stimulus length of 2765. 3cm. The t-tests performed showed that there were no si gnificant differences for John’s data, but Arthur’s data showed that the three sets of data were all significantly different. One huge weakness of this lab was that John and Arthur’s hands were not the same distance away from the ruler for every trial. This could have led to incorrect data ollection. There was another weakness when we were collecting the pressure stimulus, because the ruler fell more slowly due to the friction between the palm and the ruler, giving the appearance of a faster reaction time. Also, the auditory reaction time was higher than the visual reaction time because the voice of the other person was not perfectly in time. Another reason for this is that it had lots of variability when the person commanded the other person to â€Å"Go! † Our group could have attached another ruler on the sidewall to ensure a constant distance between the hand and the dropping point. Therefore, to improve this lab, we have to keep the distance between the hand and ruler constant for all trials. Also, when the person says â€Å"Go! † it also takes reaction time from his brain to his fingers to drop the ruler and from his brain to his oral muscles to speak â€Å"Go! † Therefore, to improve this lab, we need to use an electronic device that can automatically drop the ruler with a short â€Å"beep† sound. To decrease friction, we need to use a simple grabbing tool like tweezers instead of just grabbing with our hand, which creates sliding or friction depending on the hand’s condition (wet or dry). How to cite Ib Biology Hl, Essay examples

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Total Quality Management Philosophy

Question: Describe about the Organisational performance and innovation in the context of a total quality management philosophy ? Answer: Introduction This study focus on the total quality management and how far it affects the company because competition is getting tough to get recognized globally. Improvement is required as the companies need to be more responsive so product offering should be better. TQM (Total Quality Management is a technique that will satisfy the customers on the basis of boosting with the quality level. There are four different quality management schemes that are needed proper attention because it is helpful in the commercial operations (Zink, 2012). In this study, quality control measures are discussed with proper justification. Examples are extracted from software companies and in case of product specifications, Adidas has given more importance and their policies are highlighted to a great extent. Identification of quality is required that will help in changing the overall perspective of the customers (Ruan et al.2014). Approaches to quality management Definition of quality in terms of business as well as service provision The quality management is all about to manage every aspects of an organization so that it will be easy to excel within the dimensions (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). This will further help to the customers because they are the person to whom the products are actually being served. The three attributes to quality management are as follows: Continuous Improvement Development in Partnership Development in Leadership One of the approaches to quality management is the six sigma quality that includes the following specifications that are illustrated under: This method is used by the company in order to eliminate the defects that are found in their specific products as well as processes. It also helps in seeking variation that will reduce in the process in order to view at the product defects. The six sigma actually refers to the amount of variation that takes place in between plus or minus standard deviation in the respective process outputs. John Lewis approach has a unique way of conducting their business because they aim at providing happiness to everything for what they are best at (Oakland, 2014). This is the largest as an employee owned company but at the same time there are other businesses which are purely people owned (Frederickson and Rohr, 2015). The main focus of this company is to promote the interests of the stakeholders as well as other sectors in the government. Basically, companies which are employee centered, aims at operating in all the sectors of a given economy, starting from manufacturing to retail, home care to architecture, advertising to engineering. This actually believes in keeping the employees responsible for the entire decision making so that their potential are easily realized over a period of time. The sector who believes in employee centered actually can generate revenue up to $25 billion as well as the growth rate of UK is rising at a fast pace of time (McColl-Kennedy, 2015). Several models of co ownership have been adopted by this business because they adopt the policies of direct employee ownership (Sallis, 2014). It is useful in the sense of maintaining the share plans; registered employees can easily become individual shareholders who can have the majority of available shares with them. In other words, quality represents the overall features as well as characteristics of a particular products or services (Kim, Kumar and Kumar, 2012). This will help in satisfying the implied needs in order to rise in the management of quality. There are different quality programs and some of these are as follows: Whether the particular product is eligible of being used, that comes under fitness for use. Is the product that much capable of meeting the purpose, this means fitness with the aim to know the product viability? Another aspect is to know whether the product can satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers. It should also confirm whether all the requirements are met by the particular products. Any business gets profits after selling the products or services for a price. In order to improve in the quality of the products, this company should practice the quality management approach (Holschbach and Hofmann, 2011). Different steps should be followed in the production process in order to enhance the products as well as services. Quality is the basic criteria that every organization needs to focus as because it helps in improving marketing as well as sales schemes. In order to compete with the global market, each business enterprise should make its products and services unique in terms of excellent quality (Ennew, Binks, and Chiplin, 2015). Illustration of process of inspection as well as assurance Most of the companies have started adopting the policy of John Lewis, where all believes in building trust that adds as a beneficiary to the organization. Companies who believe in this concept often find it difficult to sell its business to a third party (Gimenez-Espin et al. 2015). This ultimately provides stability, as well as long term running of the business enterprise. As far as other business is concerned, they follow the hybrid structure to represent the organization. Further, the processes that are used by John Lewis are the optimal filters that will help in optimizing especially the vision applications (Pennells et al.2014). Vision applications are considered to be one of the most sophisticated systems that are automated and are used for the purpose of inspection issues (Rolstadas, 2012). Moreover this system cannot be used without proper lighting so proper emphasis is made in order to improve rise in the quality level so that it proves to be beneficial to the organization. The additional benefits are that it can be used to provide a fundamental research that will automatically be responsible to optimize the vision application of machinery parts (Madu, 2012). The sensor technology should be chosen wisely because it can only help in the final solution in order determine the vision sensors as well as vision systems. The function of lens is to improve in the quality so that the desired information can be easily communicated to others. Quality management is an important that are taken care of by each organization in order to compete in the global market. QMS means the Quality Management Scheme that focuses mainly on the customers requirements as far as quality is concerned. Continuous improvement is required to understand the needs and wants of the customers so that they can make ways in improving the quality of the products or services. Some of the attributes that helps in adopting the commercial operations are as follows with proper justification for the same (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). Quality planning- it is the process that helps in identifying the standards of quality on the basis of various products or services so that the business is able to maintain the quality standards. It is important for the business to identify the scope statement, policy of the quality, description of the product, as well as to implement rules, regulations for the enhancement of products and services (Oakland, 2014). Further, efforts has to be made to use the concept of cost benefit analysis, flowcharts and benchmarking in order to maintain the quality of the current status. Quality Assurance- It means to evaluate to check on the overall performance on a daily basis. It takes place to improve in the quality management, evaluation of results as well as measurement with the help of operational factors. The overall performance can be evaluated with the help of quality management tools, audits for quality purpose that will improve in the production level. Therefore, it can be noticed that quality assurance has a direct link with the quality scheme of managerial purposes. Quality Control- It will help to determine the quality standards that will help to recognize the poor performance on the overall production process (Doherty, Shakur, and Ellis-Chadwick, 2015). This measure is used in order to check on the inspections, sampling of statistics, as well as viewing at the low performance in the process of production levels. Total Quality Management- Quality standards can be improved in a way that it can monitor the products as well as services in an effective way (Lewis and Kelly, 2014). The employees who are working in the organization should be able to understand the training, planning as well as induction process so that they do not face any difficulty in the near future. Similarities and difference of different methods of quality management Similarities: Almost all the schemes on quality are based upon standards of quality as far as products and services are concerned. The schemes on quality control as well as quality planning are responsible to take the corrective actions in order to minimize in the poor performance of the entire production process. Both quality control as well as quality assurance aims at evaluating the current levels of quality that will ultimately be helpful in the decision making process. There is continuous change in the quality in both the approaches to bring down the most effective quality features of a particular product. Differences: As far as quality planning is concerned, it is only based upon maintaining the quality levels of the previously owned schemes and policies. In case of quality assurance, it only considers the parameter up to which it can be judged. The control in quality is all about bringing a continuous change in the overall performance in the practice of quality. Every organization needs to be well versed with the difference between quality assurance as well as quality control. Both the concept is unique and it is related to management of quality as it is the integral part of any organization (Plsek, 2015). The shareholders as well as the management should understand the effective of this type of quality measures. To be successful in any project, it is required by the project to follow both quality assurance as well as quality control measures. Quality control is actually used to verify the quality of the desired output. On the other hand, quality assurance is all about managing with the assigned quality. The concept on Six Sigma as well as Total quality Management is mostly mutually exclusive as far as business is concerned (Leavengood, Anderson and Daim, 2014). Total Quality Management is one of the quality approaches that include development, control process as well as implementation that will help in controlling various types of organizations with application of various processes. On the other hand, Six Sigma approach put more focus on the improvement in the quality as well as finds way to correct them. TQM tries to come out with general information keeping in mind about the collaborative approach that will affect the cultural part of the problem. Sigma, as compared to TQM also makes efforts to get into various departments. It has been noticed there is a fundamental difference TQM as well as Six Sigma that means TQM focuses more on the quality control and the way it can change the approach in order to meet the product requirements (Harmon, 2015). Relational quality is maintained by the Six Sigma where large number of customers actually views at the value rather than quality. A holistic approach is undertaken by six sigma that aims at quality improvement in order to work for the overall business rather than focusing on the process created by individual. In order to implement six sigma approach, professional are required who are well verses with the technique. TQM, on the other hand, does not need such kind of dedicated as well as full time professional in order to measure the quality management selected by a particular organization (Augusto, Lisboa and Yasin, 2014). The customer satisfaction The Quality management is defined as a set of collective process that ensures the maintenance of quality in all organizational processes, to have a better outcome as product. The fundamental motto behind this field of management is driven towards customer satisfaction, as customers are considered as the driving force of an organization, upon which the survival and the market position of the organization, depends. The customer satisfaction is considered as the primary priority when the total quality management is strategies (Ennew et al., 2015). The term customer satisfaction is a co- local in the field of marketing, which is a measurement of comparison of the quality of products and services provided by the company and the customer expectation. Customer satisfaction can be the defining factor of the products and services provided by the organization. Service provided by a particular enterprise can be concluded as good is the quality and the quantities measures of the service have the potential to meet customer expectation, and if not the services can be rated as a bad service. If the organization has the potential to provide a service that exceeds the customer expectation, the service can be termed as an excellent one. The idea has reversed when the modern quality management approaches are concerned, which exhibit the sole focus towards customer satisfaction. There are several roles of a customer that has the impact on the company strategies and policies as the customer satisfaction is the sole focus of the quality management policy. The fundamental idea is to provide products of more efficiency to increase customer retention through satisfaction (Talib et al., 2011) According to a recent study a set of benchmark factors are determined to achieve customer satisfaction which can be controlled by a proper quality management approach, that are- Company reputation Promised services Warranty provided Relevance of price. Features of the products Company performance Contentious improvements Contentious improvement can be defined as an ongoing process that includes an analytical aspect of constantly observing and seeking opportunities and factors to improve performances and the controlling aspect which deals with the strict application of the company policy built on evaluated data obtained from the analysis (Kim et al., 2015). The fundamental objective associated with contentious improvement is a constant application of resources to achieve high profit in a relatively short amount of time. Contentious improvement has a potential contribution to balance the profit formula of a company. Fig: PDCA model for contentious improvement. To explain the contentious development a traditional PDCA model is used, which combines four fundamental aspects of contentious development set in a circular monition. The plan involves the aspects of making a strategic blue print based on the assessed data from market scanning, field analysis and customer reviews. After the constructing plan and policies it is now the turn to execute the plan, which involve direct instructional approaches and strict managerial control and supervision. The data obtained from the performances is important to analyze and evaluate to aid to the quality management approaches. This is the fundamental stand point for updating the policy and understands the validity and efficiency of the policy, work force and other resources. A continuous monitoring is important to understand the nature of the business field and to keep the development in a steady motion. According to the evaluation a proper set of action is strategies and applied (Blut et al., 2015). Contentious development captures the overall aspects of the market scanning, strategy construction, strategic audit and flexibility. This is a helpful approach to improve the profit by identifying the non efficient factor and resources during constructing a strategy. All such insufficiencies can be eliminated during execution. The approach of contentious development provides a platform to achieve optimization and identify innovation. This is an efficient approach for the improvement of performance growth of an enterprise. Added values in quality management. In the modern era of marketing a policy must be efficient, relevant and convenient. Every aspect of a policy must contribute to the overall value of the Profit formula. In case of an investment in quality management the results might be indirect of might face a lag period before proving its contribution. As per the growing competition between the organizations associated with similar genre of products, the most obvious strategy to survive in the field is to focus on customer satisfaction and retention policy (Oakland, 2014). The maintenance of quality within an affordable price is one of the most efficient ways to achieve customer retention. The total quality management has a long term effect as well, with the potential to create and re- innovate the company reputation. The approach of quality management involves a proper analysis to identify internal costs associated with the low quality production, and application of strategic implementations to reduce those costs as well to provide a high quality product at a lower price. The products need to be user friendly as well to cope up with the market demand. It a is the job of a quality control manager to ensure the simplicity and convenience of a product. The analytical components of quality management can also serve as a source of information and production intelligence, that provides insights through ideas and intelligence associated with the technical aspect of management. The quality control ensures the efficiency not only by the terms of marketing but the manufacturing also. The quality control manages most of the factors related to the downstream processing, and the collected knowledge and experiences ensures the aspects to be covered during a strategy construction. A company policy is immensely dependent on the data obtained from the quality management. Quality management is useful to manage the additional aspects such as by product management as well. A strict quality control management contributes to reduce additional costs as well, such as the expenses due to the returned or damaged products. A roper quality control approach ensures the ultimate efficiency and outlook of an organization. Information that are made available to the customers In this age of information there is a growing demand from the customers for the information related to a product. Customers are well aware about the possible hazards associated with a particular product. There is a constant demand for the information about the ingredients, price relevance and the quality maintenance as well. Several companies provide information about the mission, vision, future aspects and the related products associated with the brand, but in a number of cases customers demand for detailed information about the product. The basic information is generally provided on company website, excluding the technical details and tread secrets. The information related to the price, new product lines, and positive critical reviews. Other information are also available such as the historical information related to company foundation. In this era of competitive marketing constant updating of company website with various information on new offers and the VIPs related to the brand promotion, to create an attractive outlook. Global achievements made by the enterprise can also be seen in official website of the company. A number of information on the supports provided the company, which includes security essentials, home support and contact information related to the customer services. The addresses and email addresses of several company outlets can also be seen in the official website (liu et al., 2011). There are a number of enterprises that are associated with a number of charitable, educational, health care, disaster management programs as an effort to modify their image and humanitarian outlook. Information about the affiliated and partner companies can also made public. As an effort to cope up the trends of web based communicative marketing, the links recruited to redirect to those social networking website pages can also be seen. Several company policy and business news are also published on the website with the goal to establish the reputation of the company (Sallis, 2014) Understanding the range of quality controls and how the services to the customers can be improved Different methods to measure quality management In order to excel in the business, it is important to manage with the quality of different products in order to meet customers needs that will help in achieving the overall organizational goals and objectives. There are various dimensions that can be found in maintaining the quality of the product and some of these are as follows with proper justification: Reliability- This will help in performing the services in the most accurate way as far as any business enterprise is concerned. In case f a software company, the services provided are the technical knowhow of the various application that includes billing as well as information of the product. Assurance- This is a method by which customers can trust the product according to their needs as well as requirements. The customers build an amount of trust in handling the particular software that helps in navigating a particular site, reputation and most importantly information generation as far as clarity is concerned. Tangibility- As far as software application is concerned, tangible here means the overall appearance, the product features, and specifications. This helps in getting a overall requirements in the navigation features, flexibility as well as accessibility of a particular software. Responsiveness- basically, it is how quickly the customers can access to the product as well as promptness of the concerned service delivery pattern. As in the case of software services, this particular dimension actually means how prompt the customers problems are taken into consideration in any of the products or services. Empathy- one of the dimension in improvement of service quality is empathy that means understanding the needs of the customers and providing them with utmost personalized attention. As far as software application is concerned, this includes all the customized applications, security privacy, as well as understanding the preferences of the customers by one to one attention scheme. Evaluate the benefits of users and non users surveys in determining customers needs User surveys are done by the existing customers in order to introduce with the new product offerings and features. The main thing that is required utmost attention is the customer satisfaction because that is a way in which it can be verified that the product was in success or not. This survey is conducted in order to understand the needs, requirements of the customers because it changes with the recent trends as well as fashion. This will provide a guidance to highlight the limitations so that those things are given proper attention while the production of the product takes place. Non-user surveys are mostly done by the customers who are not consuming the particular goods or services. These customers have converted into non users because of not liking the features or quality of the product specifications. These surveys are conducted so that the companies can understand the loopholes of their product and make effort to bring changes according to customers tastes and preferences. Due to high price, customer usually find it difficult to afford it that also affect the reason for less demand that needs proper attention. Companies like Adidas are conducting these surveys to understand thought process of customers and produce the products according to their needs and wants. Identification of value of complaints procedure and how it can be helpful in improving the quality Identification of weakness: First of all, the customers always try to find the weakness of the particular product. This can include the color, the size, the price, etc and then this all feedback is taken by the companies in form of surveys. This helps to understand the perception pattern, the way the customers think regarding a particular product. Identification of low quality points: Sometimes, it happens that customers find the same defects every time and this makes them to trust less for any branded products like Adidas. But, the company makes it a point to improve in defects as per the customers requirements so that they can retain the existing customers and turn them into a brand loyal one. Problems regarding after sales service: Many a time, it can be an issue that the staff providing with the product could not attend the customers in way of providing solution to their problem. After sales service is a very vital concept that the customers are interested for keeping a complaint as soon as they found any defects in the products or services. The company should make effort in listening to the complaint so that the customers can build a trust in the particular products or services. Be able to apply the principles of quality management to improve the performance of an organization Current position of the company: The John Lewis partnership can be mentioned as the pioneer of successful employee partnership policy, the company has created the example through achieving sustenance and growth with their unique and innovative business policy. The Southern England based company was overtaken by the partnership in 1937 and since then the company own around 42 official outlets and about 272 Wait rose super markets. The 91,000 of companys permanent stuffs are also termed as partners according to the company policy and own their shares in retail outlets and wait rose supermarkets. The partnership spreads through by the terms of partnership, as new departmental stores or supermarkets are incorporated in the brand. As the initiative effort, the addition of 19 Safeway branch stores contributes to the size of the organization. Twelve shops were brought from Morrisons in the following year. To address the further efforts- the wait rose purchased five stores from Somerfield. During 2007, the wait rose supermarket, set at the northern England included a Chesdle Hulme, Greater Manchester. By the date of January, 2009, wait rose purchased thirteen additional departmental stores from Somerfield. Wait rose also have their focus on the as pects of online shopping. They have dedicated marketing channels, such as ocado as an online supermarket store for wait raised brands. They were the firsts to propose a free online delivery. The john Lewis partnership had a prominent virtual growth of around 8.6 per cent rise in revenues up to 8 billion pounds and has achieves a profit of around 376 million pounds. The company forced its focus towards opening new distribution centre, which is supposed to strengthen their multiple channel business approach. In October 2012 the Birmingham outlet had become a subject to be invested on with the efforts to transform it with the new flexible format for a departmental stores. This new format of stores included 60,000 to 12,000 square Feet sized stores are classified as full time departmental stores and at home shops. The company is currently standing on three prime approaches, those involves maintaining a diversification of products to provide customers with appropriate choices. Provide products of best value in comparison with the business rivals.Deep interaction and communication with customers, which involves not only listening but also, serve according o the customers decision.The maintenance of company sustainability through in a long term, with a proper customer satisfaction and retention strategy.The stores achieved an 8.5 per cent growth in last six weeks before Olympics.The stores have been benefited with the innovation and marketing of new technologies, such as apple ipad and digital television system.Along with other partners, Wait rose and John Lewis achieved a remarkable sell of 10 billion pounds with a mentionable profit growth of about ten percent.The betterment of the partnership relationship and awareness, leading towards a stronger unidirectional movement; supplementing the overall growth.The remarkable performance of the treading team is considered as a reflection of the partnership policy, to improve the performance in further degrees suc h aspects would be prioritise on the basis of employee satisfaction and facilities.The focus on long view prospects is mentioned. Importance of record keeping and communication: The fundamental aim of this policy is to make the employees feel involved and to be benefited by their contributions as well. The communication has the prime purpose to serve for the harmony in the working environment (Truss et al., 2013). The proper communication in every corporation lever should clarify the company motto to every employee that can lead to harmonised efforts contributing the overall long term growth view. The proper communicative approaches can supplement to the proper value and knowledge of the work each employee is doing. Such an approach should lead to an increase of effort in individual performance without a stress induction strategy, which with not only increase the overall long term growth, but also the instant performance of the enterprise. Record keeping is important for several reasons- Primarily, to understand the nature of growth of the company and comparing the data with the theoretical growth strategized by the management. The performance is analysed on the basis of the calculations done comparing these two sets of values. This approach is important to design further strategies.The practise of keeping records enables the company to review different aspects of expenses during execution. As a controlling approach the unimportant operating costs are eliminated and financing for the key areas associated with possible potential benefit are sanctioned. Records serve essential purpose during budget making.It is important to keep records in mind while developing a strategy, as records can serve as essential databases for various purposes-Possible risk assessmentIncorporation of new methods and technologiesTo judge the possible productivity associated with a theoryTo preserve a corporate memory. Importance of stuff consultation: A proper communicative approach minimizes the possibility of misunderstanding between employees during a process of developing a strategy. The approach of a proper staff consultation has the potency to improve the company performances and the decision making policies (). This provides employees the chance to express their view and share their experiences. That not only contributes to the versatility and compactness of the strategy, but also rewards employees with a sense to be appreciation for being a valuable part of the company.The staff consulting policies contributes to the spirit of team work associated with a venture. The employees are featured with the facility to provide feedback as an individual part of the company (Grunig, 2013). This sense of satisfaction will be helpful for them to perform better.This will help with the employ retention policy and reduce the employ turnover rate.Such policies are helpful to increase the job satisfaction f or the employees, leading to tendencies towards performing better.This provides employees a potential career possibility for the employees and the choices to maintain a balanced work- off work life. Memos The approach helps to strengthen the enterprise- employee relationship. The sense of security and job satisfaction would trigger the loyalty for the company. To: Head of the quality, John Lewis First, I want to congratulate you for the remarkable success of last year sales. I was eager to share my perspective and context associated with the situation. A fresh marketing approach can contribute to the performance growth of the company by the means of sales and profit even higher. As the working compass for the marketing operations has been modernized, new approaches can be considered to reach out to the customers and to cope up with the digital marketing approaches as well. Discussion: As the employees have the role to serve as the termed as partners, their proper training is important to increase the skill and knowledge. This will be helpful to prepare and motivate them to perform their unique roll to contribute to the company. Marketing through social media websites can be helpful as a platform of marketing. With the growing number of users these website can serve as potent marketing tool. This approach requires less investment and presents a bigger influence relative to traditional campaigning approaches. These website also provide a communicative platform where customers can exchange their views and thoughts about the brand or the products. The advertisement approaches introduced by social networking websites are also useful in their function to serve as a platform for environmental scanning for the company and the customers also. The company can be benefited from both the constructive and critical reviews provided by the customers. The company has the chance to interact with the customers to build a deep connection. This will help the organisation to understand the changing demands of customers and to increase customer loyalty. A number customer uses these websites as a platform for price comparison, which should be helpful for the company as far the pricing policy of the company is concerned. Thank you for your co operation and kind attention to my memorandum. Kindest Regards, Conclusion At the end of the study, it can be noticed that maintenance of quality is important for any organization in order to sustain in the market. The John Lewis approach focus on the employee centered policy where employees are given more preference in the decision making process. It is useful to maintain the key attributes, like, quality control. Quality assurance as well as total quality management because these will help the organization to continue in the production process in an effective manner. Surveys should be conducted in order to understand at the customers tastes and preferences and the company can produce the products according to their requirements. Customers put more emphasis on the after sales service facility so that they can build a trust in the product and their problems can get solved in a short span of time. Reference List Augusto, M. G., Lisboa, J. V., and Yasin, M. M. (2014). Organisational performance and innovation in the context of a total quality management philosophy: an empirical investigation.Total Quality Management Business Excellence,25(9-10), 1141-1155. Blut, M., Frennea, C. 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